Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Yeh, I've slacked off quite a bit on this. And I don't really think you want to read a ghost's ramblings, but alas, you still stick around, do you not?


noun, plural vacancies.
the state of being vacant; emptiness.

So, what's the origin? 

'Tis Latin:
"state of being vacant," from Late Latin vacantia
Latin vacans "empty, unoccupied"

But what about vacuity?
"hollow space," from Latin vacuitas 
"empty space, emptiness, absence, vacancy, freedom," from vacuus

Vacancy, to me, is almost a state of mind. It's completely empty. You used to have information and creativity, and thoughts that would fill the space; almost like happiness. Then it goes away. It becomes vacant. 
Everything goes away and there's just a void. 

Vacancy of the heart and mind. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

A wonderful world.


I haven't posted in about a year.

The past ten months have been crazy insane good. Really busy. Horse-filled, school-filled, friend-filled, and sleep-filled. Not to mention OYAN SW 2014 was great.

I dearly hope that summer was great.

It was good for me. And I can't wait for school. ^_^

Dance around, sing, and drink plenty of fluids!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Concerning {Catching Fire}

Before I start my post:

Word of the Day:  Blowzy – \ BLOU-zee \ , adjective; 1. having a coarse, ruddy complexion. 2. disheveled in appearance; unkempt.

Song of the Day: Hold Me Now - RED 


There's a lot of different opinions on The Hunger Games trilogy. Yes, it went completely viral and the characters and books and everything set people off into debates, but this is my blog, so I am expressing my thoughts.

I saw the video for 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - 'Atlas' TV Spot' and nearly started crying. I don't get attached to most books and movies, but the Hunger Games are something else. It's a rebellion against something bad and painful things happen to these characters. I get really attached to characters that endure pain, but still push through.

Click here to watch the video.

This video made me cry.
A lot of the stuff in it won't  make sense if you have not read the books,  but still.

The Hunger Games is a book series, a popular and a very good book series. Talent has been poured into it and for people to say it is awful, you obviously have never attempted to write a book. You have to piece things together, one by one and makes sure it all flows.

Suzanne Collins is an amazing author and like all authors, famous or not, she deserves a lot.

Aiiyaiiiyaii, don't get mad at me if this isn't your favorite genre. Just remember this:

Never judge a book by it's cover, or what others have said about it. It is wonderfully constructed and can touch someone in ways that it would never touch you.

Eat bagels, drink tea and go on some brave adventure.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Greetings, erm, salutations, hola, dia duit, howdy...erm.............................................hi.

I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday morning, so bare (bear, boar, moar, door) with me.

I attempted to participate in the journalism month thing, but that crashed and burned (obviously).

Word of the Day: Obverse; noun; 1. The side of a coin, medal , flag, etc., that bears the principal design. 2. The front or principal surface of anything. 3. A counterpart.

Song of the Day: Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Ray

I wanted to share some sporadic thoughts on something.

"I never desire to converse with a man who has written more than he has read." ~ Samuel Johnson

I've been reading for almost all of my life. I've been writing for almost all of my life also, but, reading is so much easier than putting your pen to paper or your fingers to a keyboard (For fellow writers, do hard things). In one month, I read one book fifteen times. Yes, it was during CSAPs but that's not important, point is, reading is key to writing.

They say if you read a certain genre, then you're likely to write that genre because you know how it works. I don't read sci-fi books, therefore I do not write them. I do read romances, adventure, dystopian and fantasy books, so I tend to write those genres.  I do read some modern novels, but I would never write them. Reading other author's works can help your own.

Books are knowledge whether they have analogies or not. The Blood of Kings Trilogy by Jill Williamson is fantasy based and such an amazing story that has a wonderful analogy. Others such as Lord of the Rings and the Chronicles of Narnia have analogies also, but some books speak the truth right from their pages without them.

Reading is also healthy. I don't mean reading boring medical journals, but fictional stories. Even if you dislike it, it is a healthy escape from the world – unless it's a book that you get really emotionally attached to and you walk around in a haze because of it. Need a break from the crazy world of high school, college or even work? Pick up a good book.

Happy Wednesday to you, whoever is reading this.

Drink a cup of tea, watch the grass grow and keep loving.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September is Journaling Month! (Labor Day Weekend)

As the title says, September has been dubbed as Journaling Month by my dear Wise Owl who is named Nate. If you want a more detailed explanation of that the heck we are doing, go to Nate's blog here. I'm going to totally copy him and say that I'll attempt to post every Saturday/Sunday. Now, this may turn into a daily thing of spasmodic posting, so bare(bear, boar, moar, door) with me.

Side note: Happy Sunday, have a pony.

Holy Cheezits it's already September whaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Have a very safe Labor Day weekend, whether you are playing or laboring, stay safe and God Bless.

Light off fireworks (wrong month but you can still party with a boom!), dance around, don't get hit by a car and eat sugar.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Too Much Cotton Candy

Today, we had our back to school picnic. For the most of the morning leading up to this picnic, myself and some other members of our student council made and bagged cotton candy. 118 bags of the nasty, yummy, sugary and really-bad-for-you stuff. Well, I ended up eating a huge amount there AND at the picnic, resulting in consuming nearly ten pounds of the stuff. I will never eat cotton candy again, mind you.

You're probably thinking: "Jeez, you are an IDIOT", and I might be, but... You only live once, and you only consume ten pounds of cotton candy ONCE. Get my gist? Now, me drinking nearly two gallons of lemonade in one day is completely irrelevant and a different story, 'kay?

I got hugged by a VERY wet best friend because of the slip-in-slide, managed to get people to sign up for student council AND didn't die from sugar overdose. I'd say it was pretty fantastic. And I trotted my horse bareback up and down the lane. Twice. Ninjaaaaaa skills.

Dance. Laugh. Cackle. Sleep.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Contest, End of Summer, School and Regeneration

This time last year, I was finishing up and editing my novel in excitement for the contest deadline on the fifteenth... This year? I have a half finished book and I'm cheering on my fellow novelists that are entering. This year, my novel proved to be harder than last year, but! it had a plot and story line, unlike the one last year. To those entering, best of luck. :)

I rock at keeping blogs up, I know, but how many people actually read this?
"Oh hey, the horse girl wrote another blog, hmm, let's see what it is today... Oh, more rambles about writing books, never mind!"
I mean, really. My blogs aren't really about anything interesting, but they're fun. I don't only write about writing, but horses, feelz, OYAN people and other things are easily wedged into this text. Speaking of which, here goes.

School starts up next week along with volleyball. When I say school, I don't mean seven classes a day, five days a week. I mean the one class at the high school that is five times a week. I start the rest of my classes after September 1st. I'm personally terrified to be at the high school, even if it is only for fifty minutes, but I don't get along with the majority of public high schoolers; there are exceptions (you people know who you are).

This summer has consisted of meeting amazing people and writing (summer workshop), being around twenty amazing teen camp counselors and eighty plus campers, riding horses, getting caught up on Doctor Who, getting to see my favorite bands in concert, starting a new series called Life, finishing Heartland, reading about ten books, writing and learning the line dance to Fake ID. I can't wait for school to be here. It's going to be a great year and I'm really looking forward to it.

Class of 2015, we have two more years. Let us make the best of it.

I'm regenerating (whoever got that reference, I'm so proud of you) my blog AND DID YOU KNOW THAT MATT SMITH IS REGENERATING. D: IT'S GOING TO BE SO SAD...But I believe we have a good Doctor once again. Just give him time.

Don't Blink and Count the Shadows.